Fabric Social Enterprise

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Fabric seeks to be the Number 1 provider for semi-independent living provision for this target group in South Wales. Fabric will ensure that the Children Act, Leaving Care Act, Children (Leaving Care) (Wales) Regulations and United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child are entrenched in practice.
Fabric offers a home environment for six young people which includes the provision of 24 hour on-site support, and regular key working sessions alongside access to related community organisations and events to further develop their skills and address any areas of need. Fabric also has access to transitional flats within Swansea with floating support to provide a step down service towards successful transition to adulthood. Fabric hopes to be able to provide Fabric Homes in other areas across Wales in the future.


Fabric is a social enterprise that believes today’s youth will be the fabric of tomorrows society. Fabric aims to support young people by Facilitating Aspirations, Building Resilience and Inspiring Change.


For further information please email: info@fabricwales.co.uk